Wednesday, March 8, 2017

HOWDY!  Well Spring is here & that brings Daytona Beach to mind if you like to ride motorcycles.
BikeWeek 2017 - 76th Annual Motorcycle Rally & all the craziness beachside - motorcycle madness - racing raconteur - sexy silliness - mainstreet merchandising a person can take in one week!
Folks who know say this will be a Great Year with manufacturers vying for the smaller market share & savvy first-timers looking for the most bang for their buck. The "new" Indian Motorcycle pushing hard for old hands who miss the real thing but still want to 'style & profile' in a great traditional way.
Some new releases from mainstay mc brands sounds promising & an all out effort to woo the female riders with everything from flatiron to fashion seems like it's going to be one to remember. Let's ride!

Here's a link to past show galleries to wet your appetite  HARLEYWOOD FOTO ARCHIVE
Enjoy  -  BlueSkies  [;-{)

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